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The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis – Bonus Material!

Marcus Erik Jonlan

Marcus Erik Jonlan

Kate Umi Mishihara

Kate Umi Mishihara

The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis – Epilogue

The world “takes a deep breath” after our remarkable escape – or at least that’s how it feels as we come to terms with recent events. Once life support is restored, I invite my guests to one of the recreational areas and we share some of the ship’s emergency long-life rations, which are surprisingly good – or maybe that’s how they seem after our ordeal. Continuing to be alive makes everything seem better…


The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis – Chapter 3

“Don’t think for one second that we’re just going to leave her out there!”, snaps Jonlan as we meet in a secondary control room to plan our next steps. “We have to go out…”

“Absolutely the worst thing we could do”, I intervene. “The ship is still some time from being operational, and it’ll be some time more if I end up working on my own again. All our efforts have to be directed towards restoring the ship’s functions.”

“You cannot be serious…!” Just the reaction I’d be expecting…

“I am”, I respond bluntly. “Totally. Recall your people’s findings concerning these ‘Juggernauts’. They are essentially walking tanks, intended purely for wholesale destruction – they aren’t designed to combat ground troops, let alone a single person. As long as your friend doesn’t engage them in combat, they won’t even acknowledge that she’s in amongst them.”

“You’re… right”, murmurs Jonlan. “Crazy, but right…”


The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis – Chapter 2

Not long after I begin my tasks, I find myself starting to fall “out of love” with this ship – it’s not hard when the vessel could surely dwarf one of Earth’s great aircraft carriers. The Nemesis is at least a kilometre long, and has several decks, giving me a lot of “ground” to cover, but I have to give thanks to The Mother of Mercies that my task isn’t any harder… or made impossible by a need for additional personnel. Where would I find them…?

It is something of a grind to jog almost the full length of the ship, just to flip a switch, then come all the way back to switch something else on – or off – and then retrace my steps once more to carry out some small adjustment to some piece of equipment or other. However, I am in the best condition of my life, and it’s certainly a motivating factor to know that I either get this work done, or I’m going nowhere.


The Secret Adventures of Glitterthorn: Wreck Of The Nemesis – Chapter 1

The whole world – such as it is – shudders. The nauseating sky catches fire as the white-hot mushroom cloud rises. An empire-to-be dies.

Not my fault, I hasten to add. I hitched a ride with some people who were fighting to save their world from extra-dimensional alien incursions – and it looks like they just succeeded, in quite spectacular fashion. I would have been there to lend a hand for that final battle, but that’s just not my style, or my objective.

Now that I’m here, well clear of the blast radius of the alien central complex, I can now confirm that my readings are correct – I have found something quite remarkable, and if it is intact, and functional, it will change everything for me.


Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie – Chapter 5

Inside The Spire…

Sulthar was astonishing hard to impress. “And what does all this mean, then?”. he grumbled. “Have we won, or something?”

“I can operate the internal communications”, said Talona, “and some of the lighting – so my answer, I’m afraid, would have to be ‘no’ – not yet.”

“I think I can speak for all of us when I say that’s not quite what we had expected to hear”, added Symmarae. “Now, maybe we’ve come to expect miracles a little too readily…”

“Early days”, Talona responded. “We have a lot of research ahead of us – unless we can somehow restore the link…”

Talona went quiet, silencing herself in mid-sentence. Her eyes darted back and forth between the crystal display panels for a few moments, and none of the Skylance crew dared interrupt. In time, she looked back to her companions, and shared her thoughts with them.

“Perhaps that is what all this is about”, she said, pensively. “The new Gifts on Yafornis, the problem with Korthrem – this place wants to be explored, and understood. To do that, we may have to renew a long-forgotten relationship with these structures.”

“I… My Lady, I don’t understand”, said Symmarae. “I know that… devices such as this have appeared on Yafornis, rising out of the ground on one occasion, but… you seem to be saying that we have a longer history with such things. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you know that we do not…?


Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie – Chapter 4

Symmarae lost count of the turns and branches her team encountered as they followed in Talona’s footsteps, but with Operations Analyst Varu on hand, committing every move to her copious, flawless memory, the commander did not fear losing her way for one second. If they lost track of the Gifted girl, then they would be worried.

For now, their greatest concern was that they might either lose Talona’s trail, or that she might run into something for which she was entirely unprepared, her attention fixed on the path under her feet…

“The passage is widening”, Varu observed after a while. “Also, it’s sloping upwards.”

“Looks the same to me”, muttered Security Officer Sulthar.

“Of course it does, silly”, Varu replied. “You haven’t got my eyes.”

“Cut the chatter”, snapped Symmarae. “Stay alert, stay focussed. We don’t know what we’ll find in here.”


Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie – Chapter 3

Quickly, and with as much secrecy as possible, Talona met with the commanders of the Yafornian starships currently stationed in the vicinity of the Spire, and the rift. The Mistress of Shadow City wanted more than anything to avoid a panic amongst her people, but if action was going to need to be taken, someone else had to be told.

“The Gifting occurred because of the influence of the towers that once rose from the desert”, she explained. “The Spire is a structure of the same origins and powers, and it may be exerting an unwelcome influence on our world. We need to determine the truth, and act as that truth demands for the sake of our people. Now, how soon can we go aboard the Spire?”

“Portable energy-wall generators can seal off a section of corridor, and producing an atmosphere won’t be a problem”, said Symmarae.

“We have support craft that can transport all we need to the site”, added Undriless, captain of Skylance Defender. “Nothing we’ve seen so far suggests our machines will be adversely affected by close proximity to the object. It’s getting too close to the rift that worries us.”


Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie – Chapter 2

Tiffany Welles was at the thoroughly frayed ends of her wits. Never in her life had the term “talking to a brick wall” been so appropriate – it quite perfectly described her situation, the only exception being that the wall in question didn’t appear to include any bricks.

Smooth, and neutral grey in colour, the wall did have one outstanding feature, that being what appeared to be a miniature television camera. Tiffany tried her best to dominate its field of view as she tried to attract the attention of whoever was on the other end, but to little effect. She couldn’t even tell whether the device was working.

Tiffany and her fellow survivors had been incarcerated for… at that point, the dancer had to admit she was not entirely sure how many days had passed. None of them had seen whatever passed for a sun on “Yafornis” since that awful day when the airliner that had been carrying them from France to the United States fell from the sky, and that sky was not the one they had originally travelled through.

“Goddammit”, spat Tiffany, as she took a brief break from possibly ranting at no-one. She thought she had the ear of the apparent leader of these “Shadowfolk”, but that now seemed to be an delusion on her part.


Tales of Shadow City: Seeing Nowhere Through The Eyes Of A Lie – Chapter 1

Every once in a long while, you wake up to face the very first day of a world that was so very different the previous morning. You wake up to a newborn baby by your side, you wake to the realisation that a loved one is gone – you get up and look out of a window upon a world where the rules have changed… again.

I’ve experienced this far too often for my liking. I’ve woken to find a world recovering from the battle with Frostfire and Salya, the “Space Goddess”, and the planet’s exposure to one of The Lost Gods; I’ve seen the dawn after the final battle with the Dracbrood, and another in the wake of our near-destruction at the… “hands” of the entity we called “The Watcher From Beyond”… and now, just recently, the sun has risen on the day when we realised just how small and vulnerable we really are…

My kingdom that becomes potentially far, far larger than I ever expected it might become. A seemingly stable gateway to new universes now stands at our doorstep – but dare we step through it? I already know what manner of… things exist in the realms beyond our own, yet there are also friends in these other “realities”. Is this the start of something quite wonderful, or the beginning of the end for us all? One way or the other, I have to know – and I also have to know whether our other new discovery, the Var device some are now calling “The Spire”, holds the secret to controlling this gateway. The two seemed linked, The Spire tumbling out of the portal, right into our laps… I must explore this further, before it becomes a matter beyond my control.

And, of course, there are other matters in need of my attention, alongside my usual duties as defender of Shadow City – most notably my latest… dare I say ‘pet’? Subject: Black seems quite happy to stand at my side, even though the “creature” is far more powerful than it first appears. A worthy companion… if it can be trusted, and I haven’t quite determined that yet…

…from the personal journals of Lady Talona of Yafornis