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Category Archives: Coming Soon

Prequel: Unlocking The Impossible…

Earth… Samantha Darrow had been dreading going through her grandmother’s possession ever since the news from the hospital that the told lady had not had the strength left to survive the operation, but life had to go on, and setting things in order was the last great hurdle. It had to be done, and one [...]

In The Blink Of An Eye: Shimmer Starfyre…

…the square cleared rapidly as the small red-clad figure scampered into view, officers of The Queen’s Constabulary hot on his slender, spiked heels. Good, thought Shimmer Starfyre, sliding to a halt at the foot of the fountain, stopping short of knocking over one of the fleeing flower-seller’s baskets. If this is where it’s gonna happen, [...]

A Special Announcement – Ronnie James Dio

The very moment I first heard the Rainbow song “Snakecharmer” – and it wasn’t that long ago, such was the struggle to find “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow” on CD – it just cried out to become the “official” theme-song for any and all future Adventures of Glitterthorn. Today, in fact just an a hour or so [...]

Coming Soon…

Starbreaker returns. For years, the elven heroes aboard the living starship Starbreaker have been fighting to defend their home-world from The Faenri Sisterhood, but now that the Faenri have withdrawn to consolidate their territories following the destruction of their home-planet, what lies in store for Wraith and his companions? A power vacuum has come into [...]