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The Challenger – Prisoners Of The Sky – Chapter 2

The Challenger repeated his speech for each compartment of the aircraft, and thanks to the pacification field his armour was generating, there was no panic, no stampede. The people were agitated, and a couple of times one or two people did try to leave their seats, but Mrs Campos’s team did their jobs splendidly, without [...]

The Challenger – Prisoners Of The Sky – Chapter 1

Above the Atlantic Ocean… “Aphrodite Airways Flight Two Seven Two, this is Foxtrot Delta Leader, of the United States Air National Guard”, repeated the F-22 pilot. “Flight Two Seven Two, you have departed from your filed flight plan – do you require assistance? Over.” Again, there was only silence – or at least what seemed [...]

More Profile Updates

The profile pages for The Challenger and Glitterthorn have received extensive updates.

Comes… THE CHALLENGER! – Chapter 4

The next day… “This morning, on Breakfast America, the big question on everyone’s lips – just what happened in the sky last night? The Government is staying tight-lipped, the scientific community are refusing to comment, but according to sources, the Air Force appear to be about to make some kind of statement on the matter, [...]

Comes… THE CHALLENGER! – Chapter 3

Six days later. “…after another night of spectacular ‘fireworks’, public concerns continue to increase – just what do these displays mean? It has been suggested that this is an overture to a renewed attack by the mysterious ‘Zeta-Men’ who plagued the whole planet earlier this month, and caused world-wide upheaval both during their reign of [...]

Comes… THE CHALLENGER! – Chapter 2

By the time Salieri’s Hummer deposited Lee at the door of The Olympus Springs Hotel, the signs were already going up: Acquired by The Better Day Foundation Now hiring – electrical, plumbing and construction workers for immediate deployment on local charitable projects Now available – hardship respite accommodation – apply at the front desk. “Seems [...]

Comes… THE CHALLENGER! – Chapter 1

Las Vegas; Fortain’s World – Shortly after the expulsion of the “Zeta-Men”…

“Hi, Lee. Yes, this is yourself…”

Lee Croxley had been expecting this e-mail, and the one he knew would follow it …