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Profile: The Traveller

Real Name Believed to be “The Traveller”
Aliases None.
Identity Publicly known within Dominion; known to certain external agencies.
Occupation Adventurer; special agent for Dominion
Citizenship Dominion
Place Of Birth An unidentified world in Dominion
Known Relatives Gorgon father (deceased); Primus Hybrine mother (deceased); Primus Hybrine father occupied by Gorgon mental essence (deceased)
Group Affiliation The Kingdom of Dominion
Education Inherited at least university-level knowledge from Gorgon father at birth; subsequently self-taught in a wide range of fields, to exceptional standards
First Appearance The Darkhawk Diaries – 302 “Dominicon”, Chapter 14


In the early days of the “pocket dimension” known as Dominion, natural evolutionary processes took hold on several world bathed in the life-sustaining light of the interdimensional energy conduit called The LifeStar, and of the races that arose on those worlds, only one ever managed to survive, in any form, until the time that Dominion’s creator, Darkhawk, allowed colonists to enter her kingdom, and populate it. Those beings were the unnamed race that came to be known as “Gorgons“, spectres from space that would inhabit the bodies of the unwary, attempting to use the colonists for their own ends.

The “Gorgons” were originally a race of highly intelligent and telepathic beings who attempted to use their psionic abilities to circumvent the “ban” on space travel put in place by Darkhawk, and policed by the space-dwelling entity known as “The Dragon Of Dominion“. Sending their mental essences out into space, the Gorgons quickly found out that the energy currents flowing through Dominion, originating from The LifeStar, were too strong for them to navigate; torn from their bodies, those minds drifted on the “life-winds”, occasionally “running aground” on planets that happened to fall along their path.

One such world was the home to the two Hybrine colonists who would become the parents of the being now known as “The Traveller”. One particular Gorgon inflitrated the body of a woman, and sent her out seeking a mate, with whom the alien hoped she would bear a child, the body of which the Gorgon could then use as a permanent form. Finding a suitable subject, the Gorgon switched bodies, taking up residence inside the man and using him to impregnate the woman, who he then held prisoner in seclusion until it was time for the child to be born.

As the woman gave birth, The Gorgon attempted to enter the child, but the attempt was thwarted when the mother stabbed the possessed man, fatally wounding him. Finding both mother and child too emotionally distressed to provide him with a host, the Gorgon died along with his current body, and the woman was left alone to raise a child born out of captivity.

Choosing to raise the child rather than make him another victim of the Gorgon’s scheme, the woman quickly found that her son had inherited some remarkable characteristics as a result of his high unusual birth. He displayed exceptional intelligence and ingenuity, building a fully functioning flying machine whilst still a child, and after his mother unexpectedly died, the boy began working on another, even more remarkable project – The Endless Sunrise; a vessel that could carry him across Dominion in search of others like him, other victims of the Gorgons, but which would avoid The Dragon Of Dominion by flying through the interdimensional realm beyond Dominion’s boundaries.

After a hundred years of gathering materials, constructing the facilities necessary to refine local minerals and researching the necessary sciences, the child had completed his craft, but when he launched it, he discovered that Dominion had a unique defence mechanism – only Darkhawk herself, and those she granted the right, could enter Dominion from outside – and he was now effectively exiled from his home reality, a reality outside which his kind, born in Dominion under the light of the LifeStar, could not exist. The child had, however, considered the need for LifeStar energy, and had ensured that his craft contained a reservoir of the precious energy, but knowing it would not last forever, he journeyed out into the interdimensional in search of a way home.

The Traveller, as he eventually became known, explored many realities, and encountered many beings, both friendly and hostile, until he came upon a world that knew the name “Darkhawk”. Friends of hers pointed The Traveller in the right direction, and he entered the Confederacy‘s universe in time to attend a convention for friends and “fans” of Dominion on the planet Sylina III, where he finally met Darkhawk, and received her blessing to serve as a special operative of Dominion.

The Traveller has since aided both Dominion and the Confederacy on several occasions, proving himself to be a valuable and trustworthy agent of Darkhawk’s kingdom. Recently, Darkhawk granted him an internal “core” of self-sustaining LifeStar energy, freeing him of the need to regularly return to Dominion to “recharge”, or wear a Life-Star energy containment suit, like other citizens of Dominion working outside their home reality.

The Traveller has spent long periods travelling alone, but there have been occasions where he has had adventuring companions, the exact numbers and identities of whom have yet to be explored. His most recent long-term guests onboard The Endless Sunrise have been Pratisha Westerly, a witch from an alternate Earth where magic was a fact of life for many, and “shard-bearer” Saluq Irinati, but the most prestigeous companion was the depowered and amnesiac Rytallin “Immortal” Salya Bisaj Araphil, who The Traveller rescued from the clutches of The Lost Gods. The Traveller helped Salya regain her memory, and her powers, before secretly returning her to her people.

Height 5′ 8″
Weight 122lbs
Eyes Grey
Hair Black

Abilities and Accessories

The Traveller has a truly exceptional mind, inherited from his Gorgon “father” and subsequently self-trained to beyond genius level. There are few fields in which he has less than university-level skill, and he is particularly adept in the fields of radical engineering, interdimensional studies and probability mechanics.

The most notable of The Traveller’s many inventions is The Endless Sunrise – an interdimensional vessel built in the form of a multi-faceted sphere of what appears to be panels of stained glass. The craft has been upgraded and expanded over the centuries of The Traveller’s accidental exile from Dominion, and it now contains several levels, and accomodation for himself and several guests or fellow explorers. The vessel does not “land”, as such, instead interfacing with its destination reality through doorways of various kinds – effectively any doorway – although the ship can create a temporary access portal where no such doorway, or similar, can be found.

Another vital piece of equipment is The Traveller’s “Omnisensor”, a scanning device that appears at first hand to be a large brass pocket compass, or oversized pocket watch. Crammed full of state of the art technology of The Traveller’s devising, the Omnisensor can scan for life, energy patterns, or spatial and temporal anomalies with unparalleled accuracy, and can interface with any and all computer systems, or similar technologies, simply by coming into contact with them.

After being granted official status with Dominion, The Traveller was supplied with a LifeStar energy containment suit, lined with micro-batteries charged with the LifeStar’s power, but now that he has an internal reservior of self-regenerating “LifeLight”, he no longer requires this garment.

The Traveller will use weapons if absolutely necessary, but he treats such actions as a betrayal of his intellect. If pressed, he can employ any one of a variety of hand-to-hand combat skills he has learned throughout his adventures, but he still prefers to outwit his opponents if at all possible.

Powers (Rated 1-7)

Intelligence 6
Strength 3
Speed 4
Durability 2
Energy Projection 0 (variable with devices and weapons at his disposal)
Fighting Skills 4


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