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Profile: Glitterthorn

Real Name Thayso
Aliases None
Identity Glitterthorn’s birth-name is only known to a few, but is not treated as a secret.
Occupation Adventurer; former special agent for Overlord Sinn; former hunter in training
Citizenship Thayso’s people believe him to be be deceased.
Place Of Birth An unidentified alien world.
Known Relatives Presumably various family members
Group Affiliation Overlords
Education Basic village life skills, augmented by extensive memory-implant education by Overlord Sinn
First Appearance The Darkhawk Diaries 101 – “Searching for Sable”; Chapter 6 (spoke with Darkhawk, not seen or named), Chapter 15 (named).


Thayso, a young man on a sub-technological world, was carrying out the last stage of his initiation to the ranks of his people’s hunters when he suffered severe injuries in a fall from a rock face, but instead of dying, he was rescued by agents of the Overlord Sinn, at the direction of the Overlord’s chief field operative, Mistress Vaarla. Healed, and presented with the option of returning to his world to become a mediocre hunter, or staying and becoming a trusted agent of a godlike power, Thayso chose to remain in Sinn’s service, and underwent extensive training as Vaarla’s “apprentice”, taking on the codename “Gliterthorn”.

Completing his first official mission in impressive style, Glitterthorn enjoyed considerable prestige at Vaarla’s side, becoming one of the most effective agents in the employ of any of the Overlords as he carried out a number of missions, with Vaarla and on his own, occasionally coming into contact with various members of the Confederacy‘s super-powered community. He was thrust into the public gaze during the battle between the Confederacy and the so-called “Gylar Alliance“, when the Overlords decided, for the first time, to side with the Confederacy to ensure their continued existence.

It was during this conflict that the Gylar Alliance unleashed the entity known as The Lifebane, created from the psychic remains of a clan of dead gods to destroy the Overlords. Overlord Sinn sacrificed her life to defeat The Lifebane, but unknown to the rest of the universe, her final act was to pass on the majority of her power to her most trusted agents, and having been assumed to be dead, the newly empowered Vaarla and Glitterthorn went into hiding to acclimatise to their new abilities.

In time, the true fate of Vaarla and Glitterthorn became known, and the two “neo-Overlords” began to take an active interest in universal events, during which time Glitterthorn acquired the services of a “personal companion”, the Hyrkulean dancer Tinashae. Vaarla and Glitterthorn gradually became partners rather than mistress and apprentice, and would often engage in personal pursuits and projects without directly involving the other.

They would still act together when the need arose, and on one such occasion were involved in the discovery of the “Shadow Axis“, a vast alien complex constructed from several linked planets, sharing a common orbit around their sun, and which was inhabited by the artificial lifeforms known as the Val’haedrans. Led to the complex by Arep’Zaelyn, the last survivor of the “Creators“, the race that built the complex, Vaarla was apparently trapped forever within it when Arep’Zaelyn attempted to wipe out the Val’haedran “plague”, and the dimensional hyperfold leading to the Shadow Axis was sealed.

Forced for the first time to act solely on his own, Glitterthorn contacted Darkhawk, and through a temporary alliance with the Lu-Khians, they were eventually able to secure Vaarla’s release. Vaarla then revealed her new alliance with the Val’haedrans, and she and Glitterthorn quickly came to the attention of the other Overlords, who challenged them to surrender their power. Vaarla agreed to a duel with Overlord Power to decide the fate of Sinn’s legacy, and the matter was decided in emphatic fashion when Vaarla used Val’haedran-derived technology to drain Power’s energies, redirecting them into herself and Glitterthorn. Now equivalent to fully-powered Overlords, the pair demanded to be treated as equals, and the “inner circle” of the Overlords reluctantly agreed, prefering to have them as allies, rather than enemies.

Vaarla and Glitterthorn have subsequently forged a good working relationship with Dominion, during which Glitterthorn has encountered Mane-of-Night on numerous occasions. Finding himself drawn to her, his growing affection eventually became evident – he said “I think I love you” after arranging for her rescue from the region of radical space known as The Hyperstream – and whilst she appreciated the sentiment, she was initially unwilling to respond in kind. This did not dissuade Glitterthorn from pursuing her, and a playful friendship developed, Glitterthorn arranging a variety of “adventures” for his new companion, which sometimes become a great deal more dangerous than either of them intended.

More recently, Glitterthorn rescued Mane-of-Night from the remains of the crashed Dominion Two, during the opportunistic incursion into Dominion by The Faenri Sisterhood, and whilst she recovered, Mane-of-Night at last admitted feelings for the Overlord, returning a kiss. They have gradually grown closer, whilst still not fully embracing their relationship at the present time.

Faced with the imminent threat of The Pandemonicum, an assembly of Overlord-like beings of mystical origin, The Overlords have answered Darkhawk’s call to arms, and Glitterthorn is certain to be at the forefront of efforts to defend civilised space as part of her “Unified Response“.

Height (as Thayso) 3′ 9″; (as Glitterthorn) variable
Weight (as Thayso) 49lbs; (as Glitterthorn) variable
Eyes Green
Hair Black

Abilities and Accessories
Thayso possessed moderate telepathic abilities, natural to his species, which were expanded with intensive training as an agent of Sinn, granting him additional limited telekinetic powers. On becoming an Overlord, Glitterthorn acquired a fair greater scope to his psionic powers, which extended to the generation of energy, as offensive bursts or beams or as defensive force-fields, and the extensive manipulation of matter. Overlord energy allows Glitterthorn to fly through space without need of protection, teleport across interstellar distances, and opening portals across space, or over dimensional boundaries.

Glitterthorn has access to a bewildering array of arms and equipment, the most spectacular of which has to be his personal battleship, The Black Sword, which is effectively one colossal, space-dwelling Val’haedran. A “little brother” to Vaarla’s Val’haedran flagship, the Revenge, this vessel is still a most potent force in space combat, with a fearsome array of weapons, as well as full hyper-light and interdimensional flight capabilities.

Powers (Rated 1-7)

Intelligence (as Thayso) 3; (as Glitterthorn) 5
Strength (as Thayso) 2; (as Glitterthorn) 6
Speed (as Thayso) 3; (as Glitterthorn) 7 (teleportation)
Durability (as Thayso) 2; (as Glitterthorn) 6
Energy Projection (as Thayso) 0; (as Glitterthorn) 6
Fighting Skills (as Thayso) 2; (as Glitterthorn) 6


The Darkhawk Diaries 101 – “Searching for Sable”
Spoke in secret with Darkhawk concerning the whereabouts of Sable Succubus
The Darkhawk Diaries 102 A Call To Arms
Vaarla and Glitterthorn meet with Darkhawk and Avatar to discuss The Dire Hunt; power levels questioned
The Darkhawk Diaries – 104 Adrift In Darkness
Personally assists in the defence of Shadow City from an undead horde.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 107 The Codex Enigma
Involved with Vaarla in location and investigation of The Shadow Axis. Vaarla is trapped inside the dimensional hyperfold containing the complex.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 201 Fallout
Involved in plans to rescue Vaarla; first personal encounter with Mane-of-Night in Shadow City
The Darkhawk Diaries – 202 Darkhawk Requests An Audience
Glitterthorn kidnaps a Rytallin Immortal (not seen); Darkhawk petitions for her release.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 203 Return To The Shadow Axis
Glitterthorn bargains the Immortal’s release for use of one of the “Worldforges” orbiting Lu-Khi; involved in reopening access to The Shadow Axis and releasing Vaarla
The Darkhawk Diaries – 204 Powers And Peace Talks
With Vaarla, engages in negotiations with the other Overlords; inherits further power when Vaarla defeats Power, using Val’haedran technology
The Darkhawk Diaries – 215 Along For The Ride
Glitterthorn summons Darkhawk and MoN to the psychic plane; Glitterthorn and Vaarla meet with The Dire Queen, and engage Zilaron forces.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 220 …And Chaos Descends
Glitterthorn and Vaarla at Sentinel to share Dire Hunt information, and become involved in combatting a Dire Hunt attack against Mystalorn
The Darkhawk Diaries – 221 …Should Mystalorn Fall
Glitterthorn assists in attempting to stop Dire Hunt star-weapon from destroying Mystalorn
The Darkhawk Diaries – 302 Domincon
Assists Darkhawk in protecting her “secret identity” by having a Val’haedran mimic the form of Siranj; attends Dominicon in person, “cosplaying” as Mane-of-Night.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 307 Marooned In A Mystery
Glitterthorn makes passing contact with Mane-of-Night while she is stranded with Darkhawk and The Hellion, in the Hyperstream
The Darkhawk Diaries – 308 Adventures In The Hyperstream: Volume 1
Makes more direct contact with Mane-of-Night in The Hyperstream; learns of Mane-of-Night’s predicament and the Faenri.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 310 What Mane-of-Night And The Hellion Did Next
Tracks down, and is entertained by Mane-of-Night; rescues her and The Hellion from The Hyperstream.
The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night 001: Season Of The Wolf
Intervenes when local law enforcement become entangled in House Glitterthorn’s hunt for Kyrsaath.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 500 Faenri Versus Dominion
Glitterthorn rescues Mane-of-Night from the crash-site of Dominion Two.
The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night 101: Flight Of The Black Snake
Plays host to Mane-of-Night as she recovers from the Dominion Two crash.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 505 The Fire Within
Glitterthorn and Mane-of-Night make a public appearance on Yafornis.
The Darkhawk Diaries – 602 Answer The Call
On Sentinel Station, Glitterthorn confronts a Confederacy journalist about spying on Mane-of-Night.
The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night 109 Mane-of-Night And The Darkening Storm
On Wyridaen, plays host to Mane-of-Night; called away by Vaarla on the pretence of discussing plans for a permament Overlord presence on Sentinel Station. Instead, Vaarla hints she knows about Darkhawk’s manipulation of the Overlords in the early days of Dominion. Vaarla reveals connections with The Conclave.